A Great Article From Our Affiliated Firm, Strategic Partners & Media.

We’re agnostic. Not in the religious sense, but in advertising. We don’t care what medium gets the eyeballs of voters as long as it gets them. Hell, it could be a plane carrying banners or trailing smoke signals, or even an electronic blimp. If those could get votes, we’d be for them.

So as we hear various versions of the following comments: “This is the year of online, digital and mobile” or “TV is losing viewers in droves” or “TV spending is dropping faster than (insert bad political metaphor of your choice),” we remain skeptical. Why? The reality is that, so far, those predictions have not come true, and we believe they are not going to any time in the near future.

Read the article here: http://www.campaignsandelections.com/magazine/us-edition/446252/its-tv--online-not-tv-vs-online.thtml


Strategic Partners & Media Congratulates Governor Christie

 Annapolis, MD - Strategic Partners & Media congratulates Governor Chris Christie for his historic re-election win yesterday.  Partners Russ Schriefer and Ashley O’Connor are proud to have served on Governor Christie’s team that helped him achieve victory with 60.5% of the vote, the highest percentage received by any statewide Republican in New Jersey since 1988.  Christie’s broad coalition resulted in winning 19 of 21 counties with 51% of the Hispanic vote, 20% of the African American vote, and a 13% margin of victory with women over his female challenger. 

 SP&M produced 18 commercials, including Spanish language & web ads, for Governor Christie during this campaign.  Beginning with the ad “Jersey Pride,” launched in May of this year, “Bipartisan,” which ran during the government shut down in October, and “Right Direction,”which closed the campaign, the ads have been praised as being “superb” and “gauzy and cinematic, many of them ending with his silhouette against a boardwalk backdrop and a narrator calling him simply, ‘The Governor.’"   

 Russ Schriefer, partner in SP&M said, “This election was less about the campaign and more about the way Governor Christie has governed.  He has shown Republicans can govern with conservative principles and win in an overwhelming blue state.”

 “Governor Christie was able to expand the Republican coalition to include Hispanics, African-Americans, union members, moderates and white suburban women, while he achieved overwhelming margins with conservatives and others in the Republican base.”

 Here are just a few of the spots:

 “Jersey Pride” 
“Right Direction”